Saturday, October 8, 2011

You would not believe the stuff I bought at just one yardsale.  I spent a total of $27.00 for all of this.  I was so excited when I got home and went through it again.  I looked at everything and found things that were worth a lot more than I thought.  This group was 1 of 6 that I had that morning.  By far this was the best group of things.  One box was full of different tins for $1.00 for the whole box and the other big box was full of different type of decorative interior pots. That box was also $1.00.  What a bargain.
My youngest daughter made this.  It was one of the cutest wreaths I have seen for a sewing room.  She had made it for her boyfriends mom.  His mom has a sewing room and collects anything that has to do with sewing.  She was excited to get it because that was her first sewing wreath to add to her room.
I wasn't sure if something needed to be added to this one.  I kinda like it because it's so simple.  The skeleton was a little creepy but I guess that was the point of it.  I love the spider, it looks so real in person.  Halloween is like my second favorite holiday to decorate for. 
This witches broom sold not too long after I placed it in my booth.  I also made a scarecrow broom that sold.  Can't wait to make more of these.  I went to a yardsale a couple a days ago and they had several brooms for 25cents.  I bought them all.  
Here is another wreath I made recently.  A wreath with frame normally run about $10.00 for one like this.  I have some request on this type.  It looks really good even with different colored frames.

Homemade wreath

I made this wreath. I love making wreaths and selling them.  This type of wreath is $20.00.  I can't wait to start making Christmas wreaths.  I am going to attempt an all Christmas ball wreath.  Really not a sure how thats going to turn out.  Guess you will have to wait and see.

I made this little dishwasher magnet for my daughter.  It was not very easy to make but turned out really cute.  It looks cute in her kitchen.  I think I will make somemore using different colors.